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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

the crazy life of a family of 5

It's been a while, but I decided I needed to at least write a short blurb of what's been going on with the Templetons. We moved to a new city, had a new baby, started new schools, and have taken some fun trips. :) I document most of what's going on on Facebook, but I would like to try being better about actually writing up a blog. Abby is turning 4 in less than 2 weeks and her personality is so fun to see. She's very independent, wants to pick out her outfits, make her snack packs if we are going out somewhere, and likes to boss her older brother around. :) She's very affectionate with her baby brother which usually turns into her laying on top of him, so he's already started "tattling" by screaming anytime Abby gets near him. They will have a very interesting dynamic I can already tell. :)

He is such a happy baby when he's being held. :) 

This winter has been CRAZY mild. I can not even believe it. I never knew a New England could be so pleasant. We've definitely had legit snow storms, but the weather has been so nice. We've only taken advantage of winter fun (sledding, rolling in the snow, snow men, etc.) a few times (having a baby makes it tricky-for me at least!) so I'm a little afraid the snow is already done (we have ZERO snow on the ground right now!!!), and the kids might be a bit disappointed. But me- I'm a happy mommy if spring is already coming!!! :) 

This was a snow fall we had a few days after Valentine's Day-gorgeous 

Ethan is almost 8 months old and is such a happy little dude (when he's getting attention...haha!) he is so smiley and laughs so much. But I won't lie-he's been a tough one. He is still not sleeping through the night (do they ever??!) and will scream when he's left alone for more than 5 min. No lie. So making dinne is always very stressful ( I used to hold him but now he grabs everything which is very dangerous to say the least..) He's definitely kept us on our toes, but I think he's going to be a very happy content little guy once he starts moving. He's already almost crawling, but won't sit! So crazy- he's going to be like me (I don't sit still easily...) 

Todd and I had our first date night in 8 months the weekend of Valentine's day. We had to divide and conquer with the kids because I don't think I will ever be able to leave a babysitter with all 3 (unless there are like 3 babysitters....) We had dinner and I actually got to finish eating and drinking my wine AND eat dessert without having to hold a baby so that was nice. I also put on makeup and fixed my hair and wore a fun outfit, so that's always nice for a stay at home mom

no pictures of me and the husband-oops ha!

My phone was full of photos the day of Valentine's so I wasn't able to get pictures of the kids' treats.  I went up to Abby's school the Friday before and did an activity with her classmates. That was lots of fun and brought back memories from my  teaching days. It also involved candy which the kids loved (and I love that they can have candy at her school on special occasions) ;-) hehe Ethan is always SUPER PERFECT and quiet when we go to her school and will just sit in his carseat watching all the kids...which is totally out of character-so they always talk about what a perfect baby he is. I just go with it....:) HA! 

That's my Abby- "going on a trip" :) gotta love the outfit

Andrew just celebrated the 100th day of school yesterday-he wanted a red shirt with all his car stickers that we already had so it was actually super easy! My neighbor let me borrow her fabric markers and glue, so it was a much easier project than I expected. :) I'm slowly getting *a little more crafty* in my parenting ;-) 

Speaking of neighbors- our neighbors are the best. We have already met more people living in this neighborhood for less than a year than we did at our other house for over 2 years.  They help us out tremendously which is so important since we don't have family here. I know it's all meant to be. :) 

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